Other Resources

To ensure clients are compliant, we have provided information in respect of resources which may help them improve and enhance their systems, help with case progression and provide links to websites which may help them in their own research of issues that arise on cases.

Bank Statements, Analysed

Manual data entry of paper bank statements is tiresome and prone to error. StatementReader is an application that converts and summarises scanned bank statements into Excel quickly and accurately.

Using StatementReader in a business review context can encourage case staff to complete more speculative bank account investigations, to a higher level of detail, improving the likelihood that previously unknown assets will be identified and recovered. This is achieved by automating the process of analysing keywords, round amounts and recurring transactions in Excel.

StatementReader can be purchased on either a pay-as-you-go basis (for between 45p and 80p per page, plus VAT) or an annual basis (from £500 for a single user, plus VAT). A trial of the application can be downloaded for free from here.

You will receive a 10% discount if you use the following code: THANKYOUJO

Document Packs

We do not provide documents packs and checklists. The reason we don't provide document packs and checklists is that VisionBlue employ us to update their checklists, document packs and diary work programmes and as a client of VisionBlue these resources would be available to you without any costs apart from the category 1 disbursement fee per case.

To find out more about VisionBlue a link to their website is here.

Outsourcing Closing Cases

The constant complaint of the RPBs is the non-progression of cases to closure.

We therefore have no qualms in recommending a senior administrator with huge experience of closing cases and who works from home.

Vicki Horncastle has compliant document packs and charges £250 per case.

Should you be interested in using her services she may be contacted at vickihorncastle@hotmail.co.uk

ERA Specialist

With the issues that have arisen in the Comet case, it is clear that firms should be using a specialist ERA person in respect of redundancies and consulation. I have worked with Desmond Winchester at Grant Thornton and I would recommend him for use specifically in consultation re transfers and redundancies, mediation and managing employment tribunal claims, etc.

Desmond does not deal with the agreement of employee claims or processing of RP1s. His speciality lies in his expertise and strategising. He is contactable by email desmondwinchester@btinternet.com.

Further information can be found on his LinkedIn profile:

Useful Resources

Technical and compliance information is available from various resources for free and we have provided links to these resources which we hope you will find useful: