Technical Update October 2013

This technical update contains the following:-

• Draft SIP 16 update and SIP 11
• Administration order not granted as condition para 11(b)
not met
• Court dispenses with need to call a meeting and send a
proposal in administration
• Liquidator forced to trial
• False documentation does not evidence charge was a
• Rules Modernisation
• Protected Trust Deeds (Scotland) Regulations 2013
• EU Liquidation & Insolvency Register
• Changes to the Companies Act 2006
• Further clarification on Paymex from HMRC
• North London Insolvency CPE Group
• JIEB & CPI 2014
• JIEB Senior Moderator

Technical update 10 2013

Technical Update January 2013

This technical update details SIP 8, duty to disclose after interim injunction is granted, court grants forfeiture of lease in administration, annulment without notice to the Trustee, secondary proceedings not opened where it conflicted with main proceedings, company could not be wound up where there was a disputed debt, an application for an administration resulted in liquidation, Insolvency and the Charities Act, Bank accounts for undischarged bankrupts, the new IVA Protocol and electronic data.

Technical update 1 2013