How to Split your Study Time

So what will you do with your 10-14 hours a week you have put in your diary for studying?

This would be my recommendation:-

1/2 hr five days a week reading the Act & Rules
Knowing where information is will reduce effectively the amount you need to memorise.
Depending on what subject you are currently studying I would suggest photocopying the relevant part of the Rules/Act to keep in your bag, then you are not having to carry Butterworths and may then easily review on the train or tube.
You could make this your bed time reading … after 30 minutes of reading I am sure any insomnia you may be suffering from will be cured!

1/2 hr five days a week actively reviewing your mind-maps
Yes this really does mean learning all of those creative notes you have made.
This would be good to do when you wake up or before you go to bed.
Put the mind-maps in a small book that you could carry around so that if you are waiting ..for train, tube, or meeting … you may take them out to review and learn.

5- 7 hours a week to review topics
When studying each area you should be using past paper answers to construct your notes.
It may take two or three times of re-arranging the information to finalise a mind-map.
Once you have finalised your mind-map put it up on your wall for active review.

There really is no short cut to passing this exam you have to play with the material, analyse past papers and identify key words which will help you understand what the examiner wants.