Time to Study

We are half-way through April and the exams are less than 6 months away. You have probably barely covered the material and the Olympics is just around the corner.

The decision that needs to be made is whether this is the year you wish to pass the JIEB exams or whether you are happy to re-sit. Where you will be in March 2013 will be determined by the work that you do NOW and not the work you do three weeks before the exam.

Lets assume you are a bit behind and factor in some catch up.

I think you need to be studying 10 to 14 hours a week. This is a huge amount of time to find but the first thing to do is determine HOW you are going to incorporate this into your week…will you be trying to set aside one day at the weekend? …Will you be getting up early and fitting in 2 hours a day during the week so that you have time to relax at the weekend? …Will you be using your commute to actively review or read the rules?

The first step towards passing the exams is to sit down now and find the time in your diary and commit to it! Book study slots in your diary and set yourself a reminder.