Technical update May 2020

It is not normal for me to produce weekly technical updates and this is certainly an exception but April and May have been busy months and I could not cram everything in to the one update.

Normal service of monthly or alternate months will now resume.

This month’s technical update contains the following:

Case Law
• Furloughing, Adopting Contracts & Holiday Pay
• Constructive Trust & Insolvency
• S365 & Fair Presentation
• Waiving Privilege
• Covid-19 & Winding Up Petitions
• IPO & Definition of Family
• Landlords & Schemes of Arrangements
• Is rent in an ADM an expense during lockdown?

• Landlords & CRAR
• Coronavirus Act 2020

General Information
• Companies House & Electronic Filing
• Companies House – Testing
• Law Society- Virtual Execution & E-Signatures
• Government Guidance on Contractual Behaviour
• Insolvency Statistics
• Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Technical Update May 2020

Technical update April/May 2020

This month’s technical update contains the following:

Case Law
• Furloughing Staff in an ADM
• Obligations When an Error Occurs
• Fees, Voting & IVAs
• Adjudicating Proofs of Debt

• Prescribed Part
• Proposed New Insolvency Legislation
• Practice Direction (PD)

General Information
• Dear IP
• New Code of Ethics
• IVA Protocol & COVID 19
• SIP Consultation 3.1, 3.2, 7 & 9
• HMCTS Weekly Operational Summary
• Access to COVID-19 Information

Technical Update April-May 2020

Technical update novel coronavirus Covid-19 special issue (March 2020)

Information is being bombarded at us from all directions at the moment about the novel coronavirus Covid-19 (abbreviated to CV in this update).

Sometimes having the information in one easily accessible place is helpful so I have put together a quick technical update with what I hope is useful information, we as a profession need at this point in time.

I am sure it will be out of date within days but hopefully the snapshot and useful links will be of some help.

This technical update contains the following:

General Information
• RPBs’ Approach to Compliance during the CV
• RPBs & Visits
• Courts & the CV
• Companies House & CV

Disaster Recovery & Continuity and Contingent Planning

General Information
• PPF, S120 Notice & CV
• ICO, Data Protection & CV
• R3 & CV
• ISA & CV
• Contacting HMRC during CV
• Government Emergency Measures
• MVLs & CV
• Code of Ethics
• FCA & CV
• Prescribed Part
• HMRC Preferential Status
• Insolvency Twitter Hour

Technical Update Mar 2020 special issue Covid-19