Technical update December 2019/January 2020

This month’s technical update contains the following:

Case Law
• …and there’s more, out of hours appointments & electronic filing
• Improper Motive of QFC
• Bank’s Duty of Care
• Employment Tribunal and Insurance
• TUPE applies to workers, not just employees
• Is A CVA able to be revoked once it has terminated?

• Fifth Anti-money Laundering Directive
• EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill
• Scottish Insolvency Queries

General Information
• Reuse of Company Name
• Code of Ethics
• Disguised Remuneration Independent Review
• HM Land Registry Guides

Technical Update Dec 2019-Jan 2020

Technical update November 2019

This month’s technical update contains the following:

Case Law
• Out of Hours Appointments
• Land Registry Act v Insolvency Act
• Litigation Funding & The IPs Firm’s Liability
• Compensation Order
• CVL Liquidators Seek to Stay Criminal Proceedings

Courts & Legislation
• Insolvency (Scotland) Rules 2018 Summary of Queries
• Insolvency Service Levy Increases
• Pension Schemes Bill
• Unconscionable Conduct in Commerce Bill
• Court Closures over the Holidays

General Information
• Consultation by AiB In Respect Of CFT
• Recommendations by BEIS Committee
• HM Land Registry Guide 35
• HMRC Clarifies Tax Issues of DLAs In MVLs
• Exceptional Compensation Scheme
• Increase in Insolvencies
• Insolvency Service Annual Plan

Technical Update Nov 2019

Technical update September/October 2019

This month’s technical update contains the following:

Case Law
• Legal Advice Privilege
• Discharge & Remuneration in Administration
• CVAs and Landlords
• Conflicts of Interest

• 18 Month Rule

General Information
• Dear IP Banking Fee
• R3 Pension Guidance
• R3 Technical Bulletin
• Volume IVA Providers & Monitoring
• CCAB & Insolvency
• AML Annual Firm Risk Assessment
• Insolvency Service Newsletter
• Insolvency Service Annual Review
• FRC & Thomas Cook

Technical Update Sep-Oct 2019